Ergonomist Job Description

Ergonomists Employ A Variety Of Scientific Techniques And Problem-solving Skills To Ensure That The Designs Of Systems, Equipment And Facilities Provide The Best Levels Of Efficiency, Comfort And Health And Safety For Anyone Using Them.

Ergonomist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • identifying problems by observing and interviewing individuals in particular environments
  • writing user manuals
  • offering information, advice and recommendations to clients
  • liaising with other professionals such as health specialists and designers.
  • undertaking risk assessments within the workplace
  • assessing the effect of work environments on employees
  • identifying possible improvements and designing/implementing appropriate solutions
  • compiling and presenting information verbally and in writing
  • analysing the interaction between people and machinery/equipment
  • assessing the design of products/systems via practical experiments
  • ensuring that products/systems meet user needs
  • collecting, analysing and interpreting data/statistics
  • assessing health and safety standards
  • investigating workplace accidents

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